Executive Committee Guidelines

The activities of ARTERY are managed by an Executive Committee of eight persons, who are elected by ARTERY members at the Annual Business Meeting.  The term of office of all members of the Executive Committee is two years.  Members wishing to stand for election to the Committee are advised to read the Society’s Constitution, which can be downloaded here.

Responsibilities of the Executive Committee:

It is the responsibility of the Executive Committee to manage the activities of the Society and to oversee the arrangements for the Annual Scientific Meetings, in conjunction with the local organisers and assisted by the Secretariat.  All Committee members are expected to take an active role in the work of the Committee throughout the whole of their tenure.  In addition, Executive Committee members are expected to referee abstracts submitted for the Annual Scientific Meeting (refereeing takes place in June/July each year), and also may be asked to chair a session at the annual meeting.

Executive Committee Meetings:

The ARTERY Executive Committee usually meets in person twice a year (at the ESH meeting in June and at the ARTERY Annual Scientific Meeting in October).  In addition, a meeting is held via conference call in January or February each year, and additional conference calls may be held from time to time.

Reimbursement of Expenses:
Executive Committee members will be offered a complimentary registration to attend the Annual Scientific Meeting in October, although accommodation and travel expenses will need to be covered by the individual.  No expenses will be reimbursed for attendance at the ARTERY Executive Committee Meeting held during the ESH/ISH meeting in June.