ARTERY LATAM MEETING V Rosario, Argentina May 30, 2024

ARTERY LATAM MEETING  Rosario, Argentina May 30, 2024

President: Prof. Luis María Pupi (

Scientific secretary: Fabiana Calabria,MD (



Round table 1: Joint table ARTERY LATAM-North American Artery Coordinators: Gustavo Staffieri-Luis Maria Pupi

S1- María del Carmen Rubio: Accelerated vascular aging seen from inside the endothelial cell. (Argentina)

S2- Julio Chirinos: Role of arterial stiffness and pulsatility in target organ damage. (USA)

S3- Claudio Moros: Healthy arteries in childhood improve prognosis in adulthood. (Argentina)

S4- Joffre Lara “Clinical implications of the interrelationship between arterial stiffness and chronic renal failure.” (Ecuador)


Round table 2: Joint table ARTERY LATAM- Latinoamerican societies of cardiology

Coordinators: Fabiana Calabria-Dra- Ángela Sardella

S1: Mario Fritsch Neves: Measurement of arterial stiffness and central aortic pressure: are they ready for clinical practice? Pros and cons.( Brasil)

S2: Pedro Forcada: Finding plaque: when to intervene therapeutically? (Argentina)

S3: Ernesto Peñaherrera: Arterial stiffness and cardio-metabolic diseases. (Ecuador)

S4:  Dagnovar Aristizabal: Functional properties of the arterial system in hypertensive patients determined by ambulatory blood pressure monitoring. (Colombia)


Round table 3: Joint table ARTERY LATAM-Artery Society

Coordinators : Pablo Pizzala-Julio Chirinos

S1: Sebastián Obregón : Trajectories of vascular mechanics in neurocognitive pathology.(Argentina)

S2: Arno Schmidt-Trucksaess: Exercise and vascular physiology. (Germany)

S3: Luis María Pupi: HTN in adolescents and young adults. Importance of vascular mechanics for diagnosis and treatment. (Argentina)

S4: Pedro Cunha: Vascular aging phenotypes and their clinical implications. (Portugal)