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Progress in knowledge strongly depends on the interchange between different disciplines and countries, so the earlier we start, the further we get. Artery Young Investigator Network aims to be an incubator for novel ideas and initiatives, facilitating connections for international collaborations, joint scientific projects, support and advice between peers, thus nurturing the new generation of Arteriologists.

How to join?

If you are a member of ARTERY Society and you are under 40, you simply have to fill in the application form and you will start receiving email updates about initiatives from the ARTERY Young Investigator Network.

Do you have proposals or ideas for the ARTERY Young Investigator Network? Join the online forum – LinkedIn or Facebook Group or send an email to:

ARTERY Young Investigator Network Chair: Dr Alessandro Giudici

Alessandro Giudici has recently completed his PhD on Arterial Mechanics at Brunel University London and he is currently a PostDoc at the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Maastricht University. As a Doctoral researcher, he had the chance to attend conferences of seven different (inter)national societies in the cardiovascular field. Among these, the ARTERY Society has always proven to be the community whose research interests, goals and aspirations aligned the most with mine. He became a member of the ARTERY Society in October 2019 and had the opportunity to present his work at three ARTERY conferences.

The Young Investigators group of the ARTERY Society is formed by highly talented young researchers, who, despite their relatively short academic experience, have managed to achieve important milestones over the years, including the VascAgeNet European Cost Action in 2019. He firmly believe the Young Investigator group plays a pivotal role in the dynamics of the ARTERY Society, providing fresh ideas and new perspectives to continue the Society’s quest to further our understanding of arterial physiology, function and disease.

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ARTERY promotes the advancement of knowledge and dissemination of information concerning the pathophysiology, pharmacology, epidemiology, detection, investigation and treatment of arterial structure and function.

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