Professor Kennedy Cruickshank

Prof J.K. Cruickshank, BSc, MBChB, MSc, MD, FRCP

Kennedy Cruickshank is Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine & Diabetes at King’s College, St Thomas’ & Guy’s Hospitals, London and previously in Manchester, UK.

He was born and raised in Jamaica, did a Physiology BSc during medical school at Birmingham University, epidemiological/research training at the London School of Tropical Medicine, then a Wellcome fellowship at the MRC Unit with Prof George Miller at the Clinical Research Centre, Northwick Park, North-West London.

He spent a further year as visiting Senior Lecturer and Consultant at the University of the West Indies, Barbados. He coordinated an EU study on nutritional origins of high BP and diabetes between rural and urban Cameroon, Jamaica & Manchester.

His research continues on the origin of ethnic differences in cardiovascular disease, particularly arterial function and stiffness via mechanisms through the life course.

He was President of the Artery Society (2016-2018).