Dr Patrick Lacolley

Patrick Lacolley is specialized in cardiology and entered Inserm in 1987. He rapidly developed a particular interest for cellular and molecular determinants of arterial stiffness in hypertension, ageing and heart failure.

Since January 2005, he is director of the Inserm UMR_S 1116 which is devoted to the “Cardiovascular risk: stiffness-fibrosis and hypercoagulability”, with expertise in molecular and cell biology and experimental animal models. The major findings concern (1) vascular smooth muscle cells as major determinants of arterial stiffness; (2) the role of the renin angiotensin aldosterone system and cell matrix interactions in vascular remodeling; (3) cross-links, integrins and oxidative stress are involved in age-related alterations of vascular wall; and (4) vascular smooth muscle cells require pulsatility to interfere with the coagulation process.

Inserm UMR_S 1116


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