Dr Jolanda Wentzel

Jolanda Wentzel is associated professor at the biomedical engineering department, ErasmusMC, Rotterdam, the Netherlands and leads the Biomechanics Laboratory since 2005. She has been working on coronary blood flow related pathology since 1995 and performed many studies to unravel the hemodynamics related mechanisms behind atherosclerotic plaque development, plaque progression and destabilization, vascular remodelling and the restenosis process after stenting in human coronary and carotid arteries.  She is recipient of the ERC-starters grant, that allows her to study the combined effect of hemodynamic and structural forces on plaque destabilization and rupture. Currently, she develops methods to assess biomechanical parameters in a clinical/ population based setting  to be used for risk prediction on cardiovascular events. She published more than 110 papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals.