ARTERY 18 Presentations

Thursday 18th October

Elizabeth Ellins: Associations between indicators of cardiovascular disease and pulse wave analysis and velocity: a comparison of devices

Rosa Maria Bruno: Deep Vascular Phenotyping in patients with fibromuscular dysplasia

Telmo Pereira: Aortic pulse wave velocity in Portuguese children and adolescents – Results from the Portuguese Vascular Phenotype in Children and Adolescents (PORT-VASPh) Cohort

Thessa Hilgenkamp: Peripheral blood flow regulation in response to sympathetic stimulation in individuals with Down Syndrome

Jeremy Lagrange: The regulatory role of coagulation factors on arterial function 

Alinne Nascimento – Mediator effect of cardiorespiratory fitness on the relationship between arterial stiffness and cognitive function

Lindsey DuBose: Greater Aortic Stiffness is Associated with Lower Hippocampal Cerebrovascular Reserve but not Cerebral Blood Flow or Amyloid in Middle-aged and Older Adults 

Daniela Avila Novoa: Association of Pulse Wave Velocity and Body Mass Index in Healthy Mexican Population 

Sirisawat Wanthong: Which is more correlated with hypertensive organ damage, sleep blood pressure assessed by self-measured at home or ambulatory blood pressure monitoring?: The Japan Morning Surge-Home Blood Pressure (J-HOP) Study




Friday 19th October

Tan Lai Zhou: Greater Blood Pressure Variability Is Associated With Lower Cognitive Performance – The Maastricht Study

Jonathan Mynard – Does wave reflection protect the microvasculature from high pulse pressure?

Anish Bhuva: Greater Blood Pressure Variability Is Associated With Lower Cognitive Performance – The Maastricht Study

Hannah Taylor: Relationships between adiposity and left ventricular function in adolescents: mediation by blood pressure and other cardiovascular measures

Tim Vonk – Strain Discontinuities in Carotid Atherosclerotic Plaques – A novel marker for Plaque Vulnerability?

Kunihiko Aizawa – Reservoir pressure integral is independently associated with the reduction in renal function in an older population


Dean Picone – Cuff blood pressure is progressively more biased with increasing age: individual participant level analysis from the INSPECT consortium

Tine Hansen: Pulse Wave Velocity is an Independent Risk Factor for Cardiovascular Events, Mortality and Decline in Renal Function in Patients with Type 1 Diabetes

Erzsébet Valéria Hidvégi: Childhood Obesity: Does it have any effect on young arteries?

Riaz Akhtar: Probing arterial stiffness at the nano-scale using the internal mammary artery as a novel target

Alberto Avolio: Discrepancy between in-vivo measure and ex-vivo calculation of pulse wave velocity in retinal arteries

Joseph Izzo: Whole-body vs. regional arterial stiffness: implications for a single Windkessel model of the circulation

Vasiliki Bikia: Cardiac output estimation from beat-to-beat radial pressure and pulse wave velocity: A model-based study

Luca Zanoli: Inflammation and aortic stiffness. A multicentre longitudinal Study in patients with inflammatory bowel disease

Vasiliki Gardikioti – The effect of transcatheter aortic valve implantation on aortic stiffness and hemodynamics

Alexei Bagrov: Placental Na/K-ATPase inhibitor marinobufagenin induces arterial wall fibrosis in preeclampsia

Saturday 20th October

Leoné Malan: Stress-induced sympathetic activity and the retinal vasculature: the SABPA prospective study

Stamatia Pagoulatou: Age-induced increase in the energy transmitted towards the cerebral circulation as a contributor to impaired brain function