Congratulations to Nicole Di Lascio, winner of the 2018 travel grant from ARTERY SOCIETY to attend the Vascular Biomedicine Summer School in Glasgow

Nicole Di Lascio will attend the Vascular Biomedicine Summer School, which will take place in Glasgow 15-20 July 2018 and ARTERY SOCIETY will cover expenses.She is currently a Research Fellow at the Institute of Clinical Physiology (Italian National ResearchCouncil) in Pisa.

Her research activities are mainly focused on the development of innovative cardiovascular biomarkers from biomedical images and signals, with a particular interest in ultrasound imaging. During her post-academic experience, she has been working on the post-processing of ultrasound images for the assessment of cardiovascular biomarkers in both clinical setting and experimental setups. In particular, she has been dealing with vascular characterization in terms of morphological, hemodynamic and functional properties from both clinical and preclinical ultrasound images, in case of both healthy and pathological conditions.

She has been attending the ARTERY meetings since 2012 and she is currently an ARTERY Society Student Member as well as a member of the Young Investigator Group of the ARTERY society.Nicole commented on the opportunity to attend to the Summer School “Participating at this Summer School would represent a great opportunity to improve my knowledge in the field of vascular biomedicine, which is my main field of interest. In particular, I would have the occasion to deepen some aspects, which are far from my technical background, and to learn and perfect new skills, techniques and applications.”