The McDonald Lectures

The McDonald lectures are presented annually. A list of previous presenters, dates, and locations, can be found below.

2019, Budapest

Prof Maria Lorenza Muiesan (Brescia, Italy)
Vascular biomarkers epidemiological and clinical aspects 

2018, Guimaraes

Prof Phil Chowienczyk (London, UK)
The haemodynamic genesis of hypertension

2017, Pisa

Coen Stehouwer (Maastricht, The Netherlands)
The metabolic-microvascular dysregulation syndrome

2016, Copenhagen

Gary Mitchell (Massachusetts, USA)
Forward and reflected waves and cardiovascular disease

2015, Krakow

John Cockcroft (Cardiff, UK)
From COPD to stroke:past, present, and future

2014, Maastricht

Stéphane Laurent (Paris, France)
Cross-sectional arterial mechanics: the renaissance

2013, London

Kim Parker (London, UK)
Waves, reservoirs and arteries

2012, Vienna

Ed Lakatta (Baltimore, USA)
The reality of aging viewed from the arterial wall

2011, Paris

Alberto Avolio (Sydney, Australia)
Regulation of arterial stiffness: cellular molecular and neurogenic mechanisms

2010, Verona

Bernard Levy (Paris, France)
Interaction between the microcirculatory network and the systemic arterial pressure

2009, Cambridge

Stanley Franklin (California, USA)
Isolated systolic blood pressure and the diastolic J-curve of cardiovascular disease risk

2008, Ghent

Robert Reneman (Maastricht, The Netherlands)
Wall shear stress revisited

2007, Prague

Gerard London (Paris, France)
Arterial properties in end-stage renal disease

2006, Athens

Michael O’Rourke (Sydney, Australia)
Study of the arterial pulse in the modern era: the rediscovery of art in science