Principal Investigators and Scientific Committee

Principal Investigators

Rosa Maria Bruno and Pierre Boutouyrie (Pharmacology Unit, Hôpital Européen Georges Pompidou – APHP, Paris, France)

Scientific Committee

Prof. Pierre Boutouyrie, Paris, France

Prof. Thomas Weber, Wels, Austria

Prof. Chakravarthi Rajkumar, Brighton, UK

Prof. Alun Hughes, London, UK

Dr. Rosa Maria Bruno, Paris, France

Dr. Tine Willum Hansen, Gentofte, Denmark

Dr. Bart Spronck, New Haven, United States

Dr. Bernhard Hametner, Vienna, Austria

Dr. Dimitrios Terentes-Printzios, Athens, Greece

Dr. Christopher C. Mayer, Vienna, Austria

Prof. Patrick Lacolley, Nancy, France

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ARTERY promotes the advancement of knowledge and dissemination of information concerning the pathophysiology, pharmacology, epidemiology, detection, investigation and treatment of arterial structure and function.

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