Young Investigator Award

Young Investigator Award Joint Winners: 

 ARTERY21 – Paris, 2021 

Alessandro Giudici (Masstricht University, The Netherlands) “Differences in systolic-diastolic distensibility indicate carotid wall viscosity in healthy controls, patients with hypertension and type 2 diabetes.”

Dimitrios Terentes-Prntzios (Hippokration Hospital, Athens) “The effect of mRNA vaccine against COVID-19 on endothelial function and arterial stiffness.”


Previous winners include:


ARTERY20 – Virtual, 2020

Sofie De Moudt (University Of Antwerp) –  “Spontaneous cardiovascular ageing of C57Bl6 mice results in the development of aortic stiffness prior to peripheral blood pressure alterations.”

Daimé Campos Arias (IBiTech, Ghent University) –  “Ten years of ageing in the middle-aged does not increase input impedance or wave reflection – insights from the Asklepios Study.”




ARTERY19 – Budapest, 2019 Kenneth Fung (Queen Mary University of London)
“First genome-wide association study of cardiovascular magnetic resonance derived aortic distensibility reveals 7 loci”



ARTERY18 – Guimaraes, 2018 Rachel Climie & Anish Bhuva
“Occupational, sport and leisure related physical activity have contrasting effects on neural baroreflex sensitivity” & Feasibility of aortic wave intensity analysis from sequentially acquired cardiac MRI and non-invasive central blood pressure”



ARTERY17 – Copenhagen, 2017 Andrea Guala (Barcelona)
“Invasive study for testing non-invasive methods of aortic pressure estimation”



ARTERY16 – Copenhagen, 2016 Dean Picone (Hobart)
“Discovery of a new blood pressure phenotype from invasive central-to-peripheral recordings: implications for brachial cuff accuracy and cardiovascular risk assessment”



ARTERY15 – Krakow, 2015 Nanna B. Johansen (Gentofte)
“The effect of glycaemic state transition on accelerated aortic stiffening: a longitudinal study in the Whitehall II cohort”



ARTERY14 – Maastricht, 2014 Marina Cecelja (Guildford)
“Gene expression analysis identify genes associated with arterial stiffness and carotid diameter in the twins UK cohort”



ARTERY13 – London, 2013 Maureen Alivon (Paris)
“Changes in blood pressure and arterial mechanical properties after antiangiogenic drugs: association with cancer progression and mortality”



ARTERY12 – Vienna, 2012 Keith Ng (Sydney)
“Segmental aortic stiffness determined by the association of elastin degradation and calcium deposition in rat models of hypertension and aortic calcification”



ARTERY11 – Paris, 2011 Liesbeth Taelman (Ghent)
“Predicting the functional impact of residual aortic coarctation lesions during exercise using advanced computer model simulations”



ARTERY10 – Verona, 2010 Dr Natalia Lopez-Andres (Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy)
“Cardiotrophin-1 is a determinant of arterial stiffness and thickness in rodents”



ARTERY9 – Cambridge, 2009 Dr Marina Cecelja (London)
“Aortic stiffness in middle aged women is heritable and relates to blood pressure and aortic calcification: a twin study”



ARTERY8 – Ghent, 2008 Roel van de Laar (Maastricht)
“Life-course habitual physical activity and its impact on arterial stiffness: The Amsterdam Growth and Health Longitudinal Study (AGAHLS)”



ARTERY7 – Prague, 2007 Dr Nearchos Hadjiloizou (London)
“Can wave intensity help explain the different velocity flow profiles in the coronary arteries?”



ARTERY6 – Athens, 2006 Dr Kaisa Maki-Petaja (Cambridge) for the presentation entitled
“Ezetimibe and simvastatin both reduce inflammation, disease activity, aortic stiffness and improve endothelial function in rheumatoid arthritis”.



ARTERY5 – Paris, 2005 Anne-Isabelle Tropeano (Paris) for the presentation entitled
“Humoral factors vs load: long lasting influence on arterial stiffness and thickness”