ARTERY 16 Award Winners

The Society was delighted to announce the winners of the ARTERY 2016 awards during the conference dinner held on 14 October 2016. Winners were presented as follows.

Young Investigator Award

This award was established in 2004 to encourage Young Investigators and recognise excellence in scientific contribution at the ARTERY Annual Scientific Meetings and are awarded to a Young Investigator judged from a group of finalists to have given the best oral presentation.

dsc_1958Awarded to: Dean Picone (Hobart, Australia)
“Discovery of a new blood pressure phenotype from invasive central-to-peripheral recordings: implications for brachial cuff accuracy and cardiovascular risk assessment”



Career Development Award

This award was established in 2006 to encourage graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, early career faculty, and early career professionals and recognise excellence in scientific contribution.  The award is judged from a group of finalists to have given the best oral presentation.

dsc_1947Awarded to: Thomas van Sloten (Maastricht, Belgium)
“Vascular dysfunction: at the heart of cardiovascular disease, cognitive impairment and depressive symptoms”




Best Poster Award

ARTERY selects Best Posters each year from the posters that are presented at the Annual Scientific Conference.  These awards, which were established in 2007, recognize the scientific merit of poster presentations.

1st Prize – Salome Kristensen (Aalborg, Denmark)
“The effect of marine n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids on cardiac autonomic and hemodynamic function in patients with psoriatic arthritis: a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial”

2nd Prize – Mohsen Agharazii (Quebec City, Canada)
“The aortic-to-brachial stiffness gradient and aortic reservoir-excess pressure in a dialysis population”

3rd Prize – Jessica Middlemiss (Cambridge, UK)

“The role of neuronal nitric oxide synthase in young adults”


ARTERY Lifetime Achievement Award

This award is presented on the recommendation of the ARTERY Executive Committee to a person to recognise their distinguished contributions in research, teaching or clinical activities relating to the field of arterial structure and function and successful mentorship of younger colleagues.

dsc_2036 Awarded to: Professor Luc Van Bortel (Ghent, Belgium)





Best Paper Award

This award is chosen by Artery Research for the best paper submitted to the journal for the current year.

Awarded to: Jacopo Ferruzzi
“Loss of elastic fiber integrity compromises common carotid artery function: Implications for vascular aging”