1st meeting of ARTERY LATAM

As its source society ARTERY Europe, ARTERY LATAM joins the most important specialists in Cardiovascular Mechanics oriented to improve Cardiovascular Prevention, through understanding better the intrinsic mechanisms of the disease and improving the therapeutic alternatives.

This is achieved through generating an educational and investigation network with the best in the area and besides forming a new generation ( basic and clinic researchers) developing cooperative projects and interexchange of education and investigation in our sector and allied societies (ARTERY, Artery North America, Pulse of Asia and Colegio Panamericano de Endotelio).

The annual meeting is an ideal forum to develop this network, enhance the knowledge of advances in the field and our region, and enables the contact between the members of the network. Besides, it is an exceptional educative event where to interexchange and generate new ideas.

Artery LATAM will join the most important South American leaders in Cardiovascular Mechanics, the new leaders in training directed to an important intervention in Cardiovascular Prevention in their original countries and the Latin American Sector with also relevant invited foreign specialists and expertise in this field.

Cardiovascular Prevention is relevant also in allied specialties like Internal Medicine, Diabetology, Metabolism, Neurology, Nephrology etc. These body of knowledge are useful also in secondary prevention and advanced stages of heart, renal and cerebral failure.

The meeting will be maily theoric and practical presenting and discussing results of studies, projects, conferences, educative panels, and specially practical sessions of training with equipments, in a true fairy of technology, as these latter are very important for specialists job.

For further information and to register please visit http://arterylatam.com/bienvenida/

Pedro Forcada MD PhD
President Artery LATAM