The Council supports the work of the Executive Committee.

Their responsibilities include proposing topics for future annual scientific meetings, reviewing scientific papers for Artery Research and assisting with the review of abstracts submitted for the annual scientific meeting.

The Council meet once a year, at the annual scientific meeting of the Society.  The term of office for Council members is three years.  The Council consists of approximately 30 members, including the eight members of the Executive Committee.

Council Members:

Dr James Sharman,  Hobart,  Australia
Professor Thomas Weber,  Wels,  Austria
Dr Tine Willum-Hansen, Gentofte, Denmark
Dr Robinson Joannides, Rouen, France
Professor Stephane Laurent, Paris, France
Dr Christian Ott, Erlangen, Germany
Dr Athanase Protogerou, Athens, Greece
Dr Reuven Zimlichman, Holon, Israel
Professor Maria Lorenza Muiesan, Brescia, Italy
Dr Koen Reesink, Maastricht, The Netherlands
Dr Berend Westerhof, Amstelveen, The Netherlands
Professor Arno Schmidt-Truckaess, Basel, Switzerland
Dr Gary Mitchell, Norwood, USA
Dr Riaz Akhtar, Liverpool, United Kingdom
Dr Yasmin, Cambridge, United Kingdom
Professor Phil Chowienczyk, London, United Kingdom